Publications and Engagement

Connecting with the wider public

A message from afar“, designed for the 2019 Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition
(also featuring on the Royal Society’s YouTube channel)

A. Kershenbaum: “The Zoologist’s Guide to the Galaxy: What Animals on Earth Reveal about Aliens – and Ourselves“. Penguin, 2022. ISBN 9781984881984

Meetings, symposia, and edited volumes

K. A. Capova, E. Persson, T. Milligan, D. Dunér (eds.): Astrobiology and Society in Europe Today. Springer Briefs in Astronomy, Springer. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-96265-8 (2018)

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(with contributions by Baruch S. Blumberg, Charles S. Cockell, Pascale Ehrenfreund et al., Simon Conway Morris, Michel Mayor et al., Malcolm Fridlund, Christopher P. McKay, Colin Pillinger, Christian de Duve, P. C. W. Davies, Frank Drake, Ted Peters, Albert A. Harrison, Kathryn Denning, Iván Almár & Margeret S. Race, Mazlan Othman)

Towards a scientific and societal agenda on extra-terrestrial life“, Royal Society Satellite Meeting, 4/5 Oct 2010

The detection of extra-terrestrial life and the consequences for science and society“, Royal Society Scientific Discussion Meeting, 25/26 January 2010

Research articles

E. J. Puranen: “Through a Mirror, Earthly: Solaris, Gaia, and the Search for Other Worlds”. In: E. Gomel (ed.), Stanislaw Lem and His Aliens: A Tribute and a Challenge, Guardbridge Books (2022)

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[presented at the First IAA Symposium on Searching for Life Signatures, 22–26 September 2008, UNESCO, Paris, France]

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